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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:23 am
by Miss_Inconspicuous
I'm not sure if I'm going to be bombarded with posts after this saying that they're a shitty band etc. etc. etc., as I know a lot of people think they are overrated, but I have listened to them for ages and I personally am quite fond of them. So please refrain from saying that I have horrible taste in music, because I am not one to criticize another for the sort of music they listen to, so I'd appreciate the same courtesy. KTHX.


I was fortunate enough to see them at MSG last night for one of the free shows they're putting on. My friend won two tickets, the seats weren't great, but unless you're in the first section, none of the seats are very good at MSG because it's just that big. (Don't know if any of you have been there, but those who have can vouch for me.) There were a lot of visual effects considering it was a free show, and while there were a couple technical glitches, overall I had a most excellent time. I'm quite fond of their new album -- not sure if the lyrics are that great or politically-inspiring as they want it to be, but it's quite good. They also announced at the concert last night that they finally had their first #1 in the U.K. as well as in the U.S., which I guess was another reason to celebrate, haha. :)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 7:07 am
by apple
When i was 14 i used to listen coldplay too. I have bought x&y and listened it for a long time, then i thought "Hm, i should buy another alboms" but while i was listening it i was understanding that almost all songs were the same... So it became boring fo me. I've never say that coldplay is the worst group in the world (no, thats enough stupid groups in Russia) but when you listen to any group i think you want to get something new, but listening coldplay would not bring it to you imo.
I have saw there video "violet hill" on mtv russia. May be the video is intresting sometimes, but the song is ordinary for coldplay. And if the video is shown on mtv russia it does not mean that this video is great. Because all day long mtv russia shows only (i'm sorry...) dima bilan.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 11:55 pm
by noonsun
I LOVE COLDPLAY WITH ALLLL MAH HEARTTTTTTT :evil: :cry: :oops: :x :-x :P :razz: :wink: :!: :?: :twisted: :milton: :? 8) :shock: :o :( :)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 11:55 pm
by noonsun