Budding photographers, listen up...

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Budding photographers, listen up...

Postby arctic » Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:29 pm

We are developing a brand new design for the new year and need your help.
<b>Want some free publicity?</b>

The new site will be very heavily "image based" but we need some hi resolution photos for the designs. If we <a href='http://www.arctic-monkeys.com/link/102/'>use your photo</a> you will be fully credited throughout the site, your photos will be exposed to thousands of fans, media and net surfers from around the globe.

If your interested in helping out the fan site simply <a href='http://www.arctic-monkeys.com/link/102/'>upload your photo</a>, supply your email and a link to where you would like us to credit your image.

<b>What does the image need to contain?</b>

ANYTHING Arctic Monkeys related. Could be a band member, the whole band, a set list or any other related image. <a href='http://www.arctic-monkeys.com/link/102/'>Go crazy</a>!

<a href='http://www.arctic-monkeys.com/link/102/'>UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE NOW</a>
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